Amusement Park, Cousins and the Supermoon

Over the weekend I traveled to Ohio to visit family and have some fun; who knew it would be packed with an amusement park, cousins and the supermoon. My maternal grandmothers sisters all settled in Ohio, any time I get a chance I go and visit. These visits usually have to do with a road trip to Kent State to pick up or return my daughter. This visit was specific to the family.

Over the summer a (second) cousin got married, they planned a trip home to Ohio to visit the family and I was excited to here about their visit to OH that I said I would come too. Its not often I get to see this branch of the family and I made sure I got my visiting time in. I feel like I interrupted their trip, but they continued to reassure me that they were glad I made the trip and actually they were thrilled that I wanted to make they four hour drive to see them! It was well worth it, seeing family is everything!

We started off at Cedar Point. I know that we went there as children, but I have no memories of it. I only got to spend a half day there as my drive took up the other half. But, it was fun to visit an amusement park with cousins, both grown and the wee ones too. The range of cousins that I spent the day with went from 1st cousins once removed, second cousins and 2nd cousins once removed. I love figuring out how we all relate when we are together. I find it amazing that we can have a family dinner with third cousins in the same room, though not this trip.

Sunday was family day! We had a family dinner at a home that my great grandparents lived in. The history within the walls of this home is astounding. Three generations of one family have lived in this house! It was wonderful to get hugs from family members and then catch up with everyone. Snuggling with the wee ones was the icing on the cake! I love the big family functions, there are so many people that I had to ask who some of people were.

Sunday night was all about cards. It was great to see this at the same table I remember watching my great grandparents play at. Though we were not playing poker or for money. It was a night of Skip-Bo for those that were staying at the house. Between card games we went outside to watch the supermoon, it was awesome!

Supermoon from Toledo

Thanks to my family for letting me in on a few days of their vacation and for all the fun I had over the weekend. I look forward to seeing you soon!



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