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A Night in Springfield, IL

I was able to spend a night in Springfield, IL this weekend with my friend, Jennifer Holik of Generations. Jennifer was going to speak at the Family History Expos and we were both there as Bloggers of Honor.

We arrived a bit late and missed the Keynote address by Bernard E. Gracy, Jr. which I wish I had heard. I sat in on one of his lectures on Saturday and liked the way he addressed his subject matter (which will be a separate blog post). Hopefully, I will be able to attend another of his lectures in the future.

Friday’s attendance did not seem to be too high and I only attended the one lecture which was by Jennifer Holik, Visualizing Your Data. I have previously attended this lecture  and knew that there were some tips I needed to get more information on. Jen never lets me down(more about this later as well).

We went to the state archives and looked up some death certificates, which was a first for me. Getting to Springfield to is not something that I do often, to be honest I have been there 3 times in my life. Which is sad because there is a lot of historical places to see and when I went as a child, I loved it. For a three-hour drive, I need to get out there more often. With the time we spent at the archives, I pulled a few death certificates that are not related to my family or any that I am researching. So, it looks like I have a new project I will be looking into. I look forward to sharing that with all of you soon.




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