A new Line That Goes Into Ireland

I was really excited to attend the January meeting at my local Irish center. It had been about six months since I had attended my last meeting and I missed the group of friends there. This past Sunday was our meeting and I was excited to share that I had found a new line that goes into Ireland!

I found the line at the end of November, or maybe it was the beginning of December while I was researching one of my many posts for 52 Ancestors. I was excited because it gave me a bit more Irish ancestry and because it gave my an additional location to research in Ireland. My research so far has been only in County Cork and this  new ancestor connection was from Northern Ireland.

When I got to the Irish center, I opened my computer and started going through my ancestry family tree to see if I could find the link. No such luck! I went through the entire list of people in my tree and looked at all their locations; I found nothing! I could not find my link. I was so upset that I did not make a note somewhere so that I could go back and do some research.

It looks like I will have to go back and go through all of my lines again to see where I lost this Irish ancestor? It has to still be there, I hope!

Have you ever had something like this happen to you?



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