A Dream Come True

At Christmas time I was told I would finally be able to start planning my trip to Ireland! For me, this is a dream come true. My one goal when I started my genealogy journey was to find out where in Ireland my family came from. A few years back I found the needed records that proved my great-great grandfather, John O’Connell was born in Garravesoig, County Cork, Ireland.

Photo Credit: Juha Martikainen / freeimages.com
Photo Credit: Juha Martikainen / freeimages.com

Since that date, I have dreamed about getting to visit the land that my family came from. To see the country they  left. To answer that call that has been consistent within me. I am excited to finally be in the planning stages of this great adventure. I have to add that we purchased our plane tickets this week!

Because this will not be a true genealogy trip, I will not have time to do any research on the ground. I am okay with that. Really I just want to walk the townland, maybe see if I can figure out where the family lived. For this trip, that will be enough.

My plans for Ireland is to really be able to see and touch the history of the Island. I have been doing a lot of planning for this trip and I know that what we do spend our time seeing will be enough for my first trip. Because, by no means will this be my last trip.

Make sure you come back to see what my plans are for this wonderful journey we will be taking!



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  1. Congrats Terri! We did a genealogy trip in 2011 of England, Scotland and Wales. We didn’t really do research but my husband and I each got to meet a distant cousin who had lots of information and could show us around. It may sound corny but there is really something magical about walking in your ancestors footsteps. My only regret is that we wanted to see so many places we were kinda rushed. One word of advice – take time to linger.

    1. Thanks, Liz!

      How wonderful your trip must have been. I have done smaller genealogy trips in the past. This is the biggest one I have planned. Unfortunately, I know of no cousins in Ireland. How grand it would be if I did! Still, it will be a great trip no matter what!

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