A Busy Month

March is always a busy month for me. People decide it is a great time to start researching their Irish ancestors and I’m busy volunteering at the Irish Center giving consultations to those who want to know more about their Irish family. I love it!

To be honest, I cannot believe that it is already the end of the month. It completely flew by…

This year, since I did not have any lectures scheduled for March I decided to go and see some on Irish research. After all, new records are on the internet (and finally indexed) and new stuff is happening.

The first lecture I went to was at Newberry Library on March 10th. It was a full afternoon of Irish research tips and ideas from the Ulster Historical Foundation (UHF). They gave out such great information, and were entertaining that I went home and joined their guild. The biggest take away from the day was no matter what religion your Irish ancestor is, it is worth looking at the other church records as well. They just might show up there. Many examples were shown to the attendees and I think we all walked away with the same piece of advice.

The second lecture I attended was a full day session at Fountaindale Library, again it was all about Irish research with the Ulster Historical Foundation giving the lectures. I have to say, I am a big fan of Fintan and Gillian. They educate and entertain all at once. The UHF allowed these lectures to be live streamed, with a 30 day grace period (March 16 being the first day) of viewing them online. I have embedded the first video, but please visit the Fountaindale Libraries YouTube page to view all of them. Please remember, if you like the videos or learned anything from them to either donate to the UHF or become a guild member.



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