52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: William H. Richmond Sr


William H. Richmond (he went by the name of Hunter) was born on 14 Aug 1899 in Beckley, Raleigh Co, West Virginia to John and Nettie (Warden) Richmond.1 He was the first of eleven children for the couple. Like many children of this area, Hunter was a child of a coal miner, though his father worked his way up to become the mine superintendent.

Richmond - Walker Marriage
Source: wvculture.org

On 30 Mar 1922 Hunter married Edith M. Walker2. Though they both came from large families, they had a small one of only five children. Well, small by the standards of their families. Their children were:

Reba Fern 1923 – 2006
Lora Maxine 1926 – 1998
William Hunter Jr. 1928 – 2000
Private to protect the living
James E. 1938 – 1957

Some time after the 1940’s Hunter and his wife moved to Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois, following their eldest daughter and her husband. Soon after, their son, William Jr. and his family followed them.

On 24 Apr 1986 Hunter died in Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois.3 Though he is not a man a really remember. I do recall a small family service at the chapel in the mausoleum at Rose Hill Cemetery. William is buried with his wife and near his daughter Lora Maxine.


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