52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Wilhelm Jonas


As we continue to move back another generation, we look into the life of Wilhelm Jonas. Wilhelm is my paternal second great-grandfather.

Wilhelm Jonas was born around 1863 in Germany. According to many of his children’s birth records he was from ‘Pommerania’. Around 1886 he married Marie Lustgens. They had a total of 14 children together; two of them were born in Germany and the remaining born in Morton Grove, Cook, IL.

Through census and vital record research, it seems that Wilhelm was a man of many jobs. Over the years he was a farmer,  laborer, gardener and fireman.

Naturalization records for Wilhelm have been found, although we cannot confirm his intention papers.

Wilhelm died in 1915 at the age of 52 and rests eternally at the St. Mathews Lutheran Cemetery in Niles, Cook, IL.

I have blogged about the Jonas family in the past, as they were the main focus of research for about two years. You can find my other posts here. Since I have previously blogged about Wilhelm and his family, there is not much new information to be shared. His family is one I will continue to search for answers to my many questions. Such as, is he related to Johann and Johanna Jonas, who are buried close to him? If so, what is their relationship? I do plan to go and research again at the Morton Grove Historical Society to see if I can learn anything else.

If you descend through Wilhelm and Marie or Johann and Johanna, please let me know.



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