52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Lucinda Delong


Lucinda Delong was born around 1837 in Ohio, currently her early years are unknown, as are her parents. I believe her fathers name could be Elijah Delong, but that has not been 100% verified, yet.1 On 12 April 1854 marriage Lucinda married Washington Walker in Lawrence Co., Ohio.2

They had the following children:

James E (1861 – 1914)
William M (1863 – unknown)
John C (1866 – unknown)
Mary A (1868 – unknown)
Hannah (1869 – 1871)
Dorcas (1871 – 1944)
Florence (1872 – 1947)
Charles E (1873 – 1964)
George Franklin (1875 – unknown)

Lucinda was the wife of a Union Soldier. He was drafted for three years and due to the end of the war he only served roughly one year.

She lost her husband in 1896,  and had to fight to receive a widows pension from the government. The records include over 160 pages which need to be transcribed. Many friends came forward in her cause to testify of her husbands service in the war.

Lucinda died 31 Jan 1912 in Lawrence Co., Ohio, where she resided all of her married life.

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