52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: John T Richmond



John T Richmond was born around 1815, supposedly in Giles Co., VA to Jacob Sr. and Dempsey (Adkins) Richmond. Though to this date records cannot confirm his actual date and place of birth. Records of his early life seem to be non-existent at this point.

From the records found, it shows that John went by his middle name, Thomas. He married Nancy Bragg after 17 Mar 1834,1 in Monroe Co., VA.

Thomas and Nancy had the following children:

Martha Jane (1835 – 1862)
Daniel (1837 – 1896)
Jacob (1840 – 1862)
Thomas Lewis (1841 – 1880)
William Harrison (1845 – 1885)
Elizabeth (1847 – 1892)
Rufus (1849 – 1900)
Isabella (1850 – 1882)
Nancy Jane (1853 – unknown)
John Alex (1855 – 1916)

Thomas signed an oath of allegiance to the United States on 13 Apr 1864, this record is part of the Union Provost Marshals File of Paper Relating to Individual Civilians. “These documents relate to civilians, or “citizens” as they were called during the Civil War, who came in contact with the Army. They include correspondence, provost court papers, orders, passes, paroles, oaths of allegiance, transportation permits, and claims for compensation for property used or destroyed by military forces.”2 More research will need to be completed on these records and Thomas’ actions during the Civil War.

Unfortunately, information on Thomas’ death is still a mystery.

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