52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: John E Richmond


John E Richmond was born on 20 Sept 1875 in Chestnut Mountain, Summers, West Virginia to William Harrison Richmond, Sr and Martha J Dix.1 

On 24 Dec 1896 he married Nettie Warden in Royal, Raleigh Co., WV. Royal, WV2 is a small coal town. There is a great video about Royal on YouTube that gives you the history of the area.

John and Nettie had many children:

William Hunter 1899 – 1986
Robert David 1903 – 1982
John Eldridge Jr 1905 – 1975
Roy 1909 – 1997
Garnett 1909 – 2006
Mae 1912 – 2006
Edward Cox 1914 – 2004
James Boyd 1919 – 2005

There are three other children that I believe belong to John and Nettie, but there is a lot of information that I cannot verify 100% at the moment.

Through the census, we find the family living in a few locations; Beckley, Lanark, Skelton, and Stanaford. He also held many jobs over the years; Foreman for the coal mine, coal miner, Laborer for the coal mine, truck driver for the coal mine.

John was an active member of the Beckley N0. 95 Masonic Lodge. He ‘Entered Apprentice’  on 16 Jun 1922. He passed to the ‘degree of Fellowcraft’ on 4 Aug 1922 and was raised to the level of  ‘Master Mason’ on 3 Sep 1922. He did not hold office during his time with the masons.

When he died on 31 Mar 1955 of stomach cancer,3 his fellow Masons were pallbearers.4



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