52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Hilaire Fontaine’ (Alexander Springer)


Hilaire Fontaine (my second great-grandfather) was born before 6 Jan 1858 (his date of baptism at St. Thomas d’Aquin Church) to Jean Baptiste Fontaine and Sophie Simoneau, in Stanstead Plain, Quebec, Canada.1. He married Marie Cote’  in 1876 at St. Michel, Sherbrooke, Québec.2 Hilaire and Marie had seven children, the eldest two being born in Quebec and the balance born in the United States.

Joseph Ernest b. 31 May 1877 in Sherbrooke, Quebec3
Prosper John b. 10 Feb 1880 in Canada4
Arthur W b. abt Oct 1880 in New Hampshire5
Sophia R b. abt Mar 1883 in Massachusetts6
Cora b. abt Mar 18857
Rosa Mae b. March 30, 1888 in Lancaster, NY8
Willie Grover b. 1 Jul 1894 in Vermont9

When the family moved from Quebec to the United States, the family changed their name from Fontaine to Springer. At that point, Hilaire started using the name Alexander.10

Hilaire / Alexander died on 10 Jun 1895 in Worcester, VT. The cause of death is ‘accident.’ Family story states the he was struck by lightning, while on his farm and died from that. 11 There are probate records available for Alexander Springer through American Ancestors, but I still need to order the records. I am hoping they will tell us what happened to his body, most believe he was buried on his farm (though it has not been confirmed).


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