2017: Top 10 Posts

2017 was not too fantastic of a blogging year for me. 29 posts. I usually bog more than that in November alone. However, this year I opted to take the Genealogy Journey Cruise and once I left home, blogging was a thing of the past. Here is a quick look at my top ten viewed posts in 2017.


RootsTech 2018 Registration
Genetic Communities
Enter for Your Chance to Win a RootsTech Pass
8 Days of Irish Research: Defining the Land
The Hayes Family in Ireland
I’m Attending a Family Reunion
An Updated Look at We’re Related
We’re Related: Blake Shelton
August: New Irish Records

Though the contest is over for the RootsTech pass, the rest of the posts are not time sensitive. Take a few minutes and read through a few of them.



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