1940 Census

Humm family in 1940 census, pg. 1The countdown is on, we have 38 days left until the release of the 1940 census. Have you decided who you will be looking for? Keep in mind that the this census will not be indexed when it is released. The 1940 Census Project is looking for individuals to volunteer their time to help create this index.

If you have not helped to index any records in the past, now is a great time to start. Get some practice in this next month and be ready for the census release. If we all take the time to index for this project, the quicker we will be able to perform searches to find those ancestors that like to hide in these records.

I for one am ready to index. I have indexed for Family Search in the past and cannot wait to help out with this project. Keep in mind that this happens every 10 years, so why not get your practice in now for the 1950 project **hehehe*.

On a serious note, the 1940 Census Project is in need of assistance by all. Please stop by their website and offer your assistance.



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