Innovator Summit, Guerilla Marketing and Much More

Wednesday started Rootstech with conference registration, the Innovators Summit, followed up by the Media dinner. Needless to say, it was an extremely long day and made for some very tired attendees.

The registration process was pretty seamless for most people, yours truly did not have as easy of a time. But, it was remedied quickly with customer service. Thankfully!

I attended two sessions of the Innovator Summit, DIY Small Business Guerilla Marketing Strategies and Get Your Start Up Taken Seriously by a Big Company.

DIY Small Business Guerilla Marketing Strategies:

Presented by Lisa Louise Cooke, Alison Dolan and Jenna Mills.
Some of the key take – aways were:

  1. That when building a relationship with your customers you must also build trust. When one person asks you a question about your day-to-day business, someone else probably has the same question. Take the time to educate your customer base.
  2. You do not have to use every channel in social media. Use the one that you are most comfortable with. But, make sure you really know that platform. Make sure to check out the user center for tips and tricks on your platform of choice.
  3. Export your email list monthly. Make sure you DO NOT LOSE your list.

Get Your Start Up Taken Seriously by a Big Company:

Presented by Tammy Hepps.

As most people in the business world, I felt it would be beneficial to attend this lecture. Who doesn’t want a BIG COMPANY to take them seriously. This seemed to be geared more towards the tech field (think apps and software), rather than any small company.

The information was provided in a clear manner and  Tammy did a great job relating the information in the short time frame she had for it. I definitely feel we need to see more of these types of lectures at conferences.

Media Dinner:

Michelle Goodrum
IDG Author, Michelle Goodrum
© Terri O’Connell 2016; used with permission

FamilySearch held a media dinner for the Rootstech Ambassadors and other VIPs. Many of the higher-ups shared in format in on FamilySearch. The highlight of the evening was Paula Williams Madison, author of the Finding Samuel Lowe: China, Jamaica, Harlem by Madison with a showing of the movie. After the movie, Paula discussed the book with the attendees for an hour. Unfortunately, it was a very long day and I did not stay for the section with Paula. I have heard that her book is excellent and I look forward to reading it.







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