10 Genealogy Blogs You Should Follow

10 genealogy blogs you should follow:  The benefit of the internet is the ability to find lots of resources, some times too many.  Here are 10 Blogs to look over.  Coose 1, all 10, just the ones that address your current problem.Are you new to blogging? Here is my quick list of Genealogy blogs that you should follow. This list is not in any particular order, they are all blogs that I read often.

  1. The In-Depth Genealogist – IDG is a blog and newsletter, with many writers. There is something there for every genealogist.
  2. Geneabloggers – Thomas keeps a running list of active genealogy blogs and the different memes that bloggers use. Make sure to get your blog listed with Thomas.
  3. Genea-Musings – Randy shares his knowledge on genealogy and technology. Make sure to check with him on Saturdays for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun and Sunday for his Best of…
  4. We Tree – Amy has a great 52 week series that she puts together each year to assist bloggers with ideas to blog about their ancestors.
  5. The Arm Chair Genealogist – Lynn is passionate about sharing writing life stories. She has many prompts to assist writers in writing their’s.
  6. Olive Tree Genealogy – In 1996 Lorine started her website to bring free genealogy records to the public. She now has over 1,900 pages of free records. It’s a  great place to look for ship records.
  7. Dear Myrtle – Great place to learn something new, stay abreast of the happenings in the community and she has great posts on organization.
  8. The Legal Genealogist – Have legal questions about Terms of Service, or any other subject matter that you might come across in genealogy? Judy has the answers.
  9. The Catholic Gene – A group of writers are presenting their faith as seen through the eyes of the family historian.
  10. What’s Past is Prologue – Here Donna is preserving her family history while sharing tips to help her readers as well.



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